Batting Averages

In baseball a batting average of .300 is considered great, and it is great. But everything has a batting average, and in many areas .300 is unacceptable.

What’s a great batting average for showing up to work when you don’t want to? .800? If someone doesn’t work a fifth of the days they don’t feel like it they’re going to get crushed by people that bat 0.900 (0.900 still sucks).

What about not ruining team cohesion by saying something inappropriate? Hint: There’s only one right answer here.

Great batting averages for different actions can vary. It’s helpful to understand what a great batting average is for all the components of the work you do. If you understand the expectations of great on a micro level you’ve given away your ability to look at great as some amorphous gift that’s only bestowed upon the chosen few.