I am currently on a 5 hour layover in Seattle to get to Atlanta to then get to Jacksonville so I can meet a singer who’s on board for A Dog’s Life. He’s based in New York but currently touring with Jesus Christ Superstar, and since I felt like I needed to hear him in person to assess his timbre and select the best keys for his songs this is what had to be done.

I couldn’t find any options for a rehearsal space by googling, so I cold-emailed a piano faculty member at the University of Jacksonville to ask if he knew of any locations in the city. Unprompted, he went out of his way to ask administration if I could use their facilities. He knew nothing about me outside of my inquiry, so why did he do that?

Chances are, it’s because the one thing he did  know was that I was willing to fly across the continent to meet a singer for two hours.



I opted to try and stay awake until my 6:00am flight back to save accommodation costs, and after a sleepless outbound red-eye flight and far too many hours without rest, I caved and ended falling asleep in a park for three hours. I woke up with a wicked Floridian sunburn (and all my possessions!). Not my brightest money saving hack.