God Help The Copyist-less

If you spend enough time staring at a Sibelius score you start to miss things. Your eyes glaze over the same thing again and again and you don’t see the obvious formatting errors.

A fresh pair of eyes will almost instantly see those little (or big) oversights, but eyes cost money.

Wanna know a secret? Promise not to tell?

I’ve ended up with a system that works well for the poor and down-trod, as analog as it may be. Its called error checking! Fancy that.

Every time I “finish” a score I’ll print it out and go over each page with a highlighter. Once complete I’ll fix my Sibelius errors, rip up the old one, and then repeat ad nauseam, then throw up, then repeat again.

Wait… why are those notes tied?

There’s something about error checking actual paper that is magnitudes easier than scrolling through Sibelius for the thousandth time.

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