Cinderella Banter #1

The ability for a song to tell a story when staged is incredible.

Theirin lies the problem. This isn’t staged. The album is the thing. Stand alone, all for itself.

Trying to stay true to the beauty of coming from a staging perspective while also being vague enough that it doesn’t end up esoteric with the listener wondering what the hell is going on is a massive balancing act.

The first time I listened to If You Can Find Me I’m Here from Sodhiem’s Evening Primrose was on Mandy Patinkin’s Album Dress Casual.

I liked the song but I had no !@$%ing clue what it meant. Forty pianos and ten thousand shoes? Huh? It wasn’t until I watched Evening Primrose I understood what was going on. And that’s okay. In Musical Theater the song alone isn’t the thing. It stands with another medium; that cohesively becomes the thing.

Charles Perrault’s version of Cinderella is my source material, and over the course of writing the lyrics for this project (and others that will remain in the filing cabinet) there have been multiple times where I have had to restrain myself from keeping in certain details, or having certain moments as songs as it doesn’t make sense in the medium i’m working with.

It’s something I have gotten better at dealing with, but its a tough nut to crack at times.

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